Prosperous experience of Project Management Integrated System (PMIS) in General Mechanic Company 6/5/2016

The fifth national competition of prosperous experiences has been held simultaneously with commemoration of official ceremony of National Productivity Day in chamber of commerce in Iran. This year in this ceremony, among 63 projects which found their way into arbitration step, 11 projects have been known eligible to be awarded citation according to the arbitrators’ judgment and approval of Scientific Committee of the National Festival. In prosperous experience section, General Mechanic Company presented a project titled “Project Management Integrated System (PMIS)” and has been awarded the citation from mentioned festival. Project Summary: Nowadays, information in organizations have become a worthwhile wealth and implementation of an intelligent system is a goal which organizations pursue in order to benefit from this worthy wealth. In this period of time, utilizing the solution of project management information system is necessary due to competitive environment and project managers’ need to access to intra-organizational information, analyzing them and presenting different project reports. Considering absence of above mentioned system in previous years and our company’s urgent need for analyzing project information, integrated management system of projects information has been designed and implemented in 1394 through the support of senior manager in General Mechanic Company. Benefits and results in organization: 1- Holding weekly project control meetings based on analysis reports of PMIS system 2- Allocating proper resources to the projects (manpower, material, machineries and equipment) 3- Providing management dashboards in order to analyze projects functions 4- Management decisions considering information dominance 5- Submitting financial reports, income and project costs 6- Increasing income and decreasing costs by proper leveling the resources 7- Recording documentations and contractual information of projects 8- Recording technical experiences and knowledge of the projects 9- Submitting annual audit information of the project on system Given that, alteration is happened with different people’s resistance in any organizations, however fortunately, by guidance of senior manager and also considering proper design of mentioned software together with required trainings, mentioned system was well-received by project’s members in a way that providing information is being available with less time and data collection and accessibility for decision-makers and operators of each part has entirely caused more efficiency. Moreover, whereas mentioned system has been designed and implemented by specialists and experts, updating and promotion of the system is in progress according to the company’s needs and demands.